Captured by Claudia Mentoring

About one year ago I meet Claudia in person, I've known her for some time since we use to hang out in a photographer's group and I always loved her work and thought she was a very cool gal. So since I was going to be on her area and wanted to do some prop shopping, we planned a get together first which developed into a project and by the end of it we had a new amazing friendship.

Since then I thought that she was ready to start teaching, she has a very distinctive style, she's organized, patient and focused enough, but just recently she decided to go ahead with it and right when she told me I said  "I´m in!"  So she asked if I would participate in her launching video and obviously I said  "yesssss".

Let me tell you, BEST EXPERIENCE EVER.

I've done other workshops, and I've learned a lot really, but I was in this point where my work is ok but wasn't improving and there is so much you can change only by watching videos on youtube or following instructions on a pdf guide. What was amazing with Claudia is that first she did the posing and transitions, talking everything through while doing it and asking all the time what MY challenges were in each pose. And then MAGIC, there is nothing better to learn than DOING and meanwhile having someone observing and coaching you. She showed me small tips that make all the difference.

I couldn't believe the results I was getting and all the time in a very calm respectful environment.  I never felt like she was telling me how to do things, she was really coaching me to be better. All that "baby whisperer" energy she has with babies, she has with mentees also!!!  Made me feel I could do it and I DID!

You will see that her Mentoring Series covers everything, posing, transitioning, studio light, natural light, pops, marketing etc.  But most importantly she will observe you work and will make you feel empowered and give you the tools to improve yourself. That is in my opinion, the most important part of getting to mentor with her.  She makes it about you, not about her.

And now.... PHOTOS!!!!   

The first sets I will show you are the ones I POSED BY MYSELF.  YAY!!!
Yellow and purple, one clencher and other coliquy baby Which as you know, is perfect, bacause Claudia gave me all the tools to overcome it and get perfect poses anyway.
All the other sets are the photos I got to take while she was explaining and showing me transitions, prop posing, lighting, and angles.  All gorgeous well planned sets, you will see!!!!

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